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Joel’s counts were too low today for us to begin the chemotherapy.   We are going to try again on Wednesday.  I have the best video ever of Joel laughing, but it will take me a little time to get it uploaded, so in the meantime I found a video from at least two months ago that we somehow forgot to post for you guys.  (I’m pretty sure this video was from when Joel first started showing much interest in food again after the meningitis, and it was from a rare few hours when his ng tube was out and he was super vocal.)


Joel Eating and Clapping from Ryan Green on Vimeo.

Joel has been a happy camper most the morning, well, when not being prodded by the nurses.  He’s been silly and grunty and growly and talkative and playful.  He’s still running a little high on his temperature but it seems better now.
He ate some vanilla pudding this morning, but I forgot to have them give him zofran (anti-nausea medicine) and he threw up shortly after his feed.
We got him a high chair and he was quite happy putting banana and graham cracker in his mouth, chewing it then promptly spitting it out.  He did show some interest in orange juice but I’ll leave it up to you to determine how well that went…

Joel’s Video for Mommy part 1 from Ryan Green on Vimeo.


Joel’s Video for Mommy – part 2 from Ryan Green on Vimeo.

Joel is ready to go to bed, he’s been pretty peaceful and happy the last few hours.

Joel Can do all things… from Ryan Green on Vimeo.

The song that is playing is from a website my sister showed me today…

Joel has refused to eat anything all last week due to meningitis.  But he couldn’t resist the sugar cookie the volunteers brought by for valentines day.

Joel’s Sugar Cookie from Ryan Green on Vimeo.

Joel loves juice boxes from Ryan Green on Vimeo.

Joel and Gracie the Puppy from Ryan Green on Vimeo.