The dentist told us today that the new plan is just to fill Joel’s seven cavities with white filling.  If any of the teeth appear to need root canals they will be pulled instead.  (Although from what they can see now it does not look like this will be necessary.  The white filling will not last as long as silver crowns would, but metal in Joel’s mouth would distort MRI images, so it just is not an option.  Hopefully with some good brushing we can make the white fillings last as long as possible.  All of the dental work will be done with Joel under anesthesia, possibly the same day as Joel’s next MRI.


We have new hearing aid hats for Joel, so after a two or three week break we are putting Joel’s hearing aids on again.  He still takes the right hearing aid out immediately, but he will leave the left one in almost all day.  There is still fluid in the right ear, and at the last audiology appointment they could not measure any ear drum movement in either of Joel’s ears, so we are considering taking Joel to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, since it has been about three months now that Joel has had fluid in that right ear.


Joel’s left eye seems more turned in to us.  I don’t know what to make of it.  Even thinking about it is a little stressful.  He has had so many problems with his eyes that it is hard to assume that a change in the amount his eyes cross signifies anything, but it is not a good change.  Please pray that we have wisdom about how to respond.


Tonight I put all four boys in the bathtub together.  They splashed and splashed and cracked themselves up, it was precious.  Joel kept kissing Elijah over and over again, even though Elijah continued to splash water right in Joel’s face.  Joel is doing well, it is a good season, but an uneasy one.  Radiation necrosis can happen up to six months after the radiation treatment, and it is hard to see Joel refusing to use his walker when he used to love it so much.  I love seeing pride on Joel’s face, and I never saw it more than when he was walking with his walker.  Right now it’s hard to imagine new accomplishments, greater strides forward in Joel’s life, but then I remember when it was hard for me to imagine Joel swallowing food, and if this picture shows anything, it’s that my chunky little guy has mastered that challenge!



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  1. Kim on April 3, 2012 9:38 pm

    I have been reading your updates pretty much from the beginning. I will continue praying for your family and for precious Joel!
    Praise God for kids having fun in the bathtub! God bless!!

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