Ryan and Joel stayed at Children’s Hospital until close to 1am. I’m not sure if they left before or after 1 because I fell asleep. The emergency room is such a slow process. It took them about four hours to do what would take less than half an hour in clinic. Unfortunately, when they tried to re-access Joel’s port it would not draw blood or allow any fluids to be pushed into it. So, we’re headed back to Children’s hospital again today. Joel’s port could be broken. If it needs to be replaced, we will have to schedule a surgery. Since Joel began treatment he has had two broviacs and two ports, this would make it three ports. (Broviacs and Ports are central lines that allow Joel to receive iv medication and get labs drawn without having to poke him every time. They are wonderful, but at least for us, finicky.) We are not looking forward to two more hours of driving today, but I guess on the plus side, we can give Joel a bath since his port isn’t accessed.
I believe Joel was thrilled with his all-nighter with daddy last night. The times I video chatted with them Joel was climbing up on daddy, standing up on him and then falling on top of him and laughing hysterically. He also made animal sounds for us when we asked, so from him we learned that a cat say Mrow, a dog says Wuh, and a cow says, Mrow Wuh. Joel tried to say I love you back to me after I said it to him a few times on the video chat. He mouthed the first part and then let out a loud and emphatic YOU! Joel changed the channel on the tv a lot and then got tired of that and threw the remote to the floor so he could smile impishly and say, “Where’d it go?” (He signs the “where” now, which means he wags a finger back and forth in the air. It is even more adorable than you’re imagining.) I’m sure there were many more late night antics, and I’m sure he did not fall asleep for even a minute, but since I was not there I can only detail the things I witnessed during my 15 minutes of video chat. I think I’ll let daddy sleep in, he’s earned it.

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