Joel’s port is officially working again. (And mom would love to sleep until Monday.) whew.


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  1. Ben Gorde on February 15, 2013 6:00 pm

    God Bless!

  2. Carol on February 18, 2013 5:42 pm

    Each of you is in our prayers. You are a real witness to a daily walk with God in Joy Thank you

  3. Pastor Raul Laracuente on February 20, 2013 1:42 pm

    Loving father God.. I thank you for the life of Joel I lift him up before you in Jesus name. God I know that you are the father loves your children and are the giver of life. I thank you for Joel’s healing and restoration.
    Father I also pray for your mighty hand to be up MOM and DAD that you will give the wisdom and that your Holy Spirit will speak to them and strengthen them.
    Oh God you know my heart and looking a this little man of God I am moved with compassion to bring him before you in prayer. We will keep Joel in Prayer and stand with you and we will see the hand of God and the manifestation of the healing power of God.
    God bless you,

  4. Stacy on February 20, 2013 3:54 pm

    God bless your entire family. His story is just amazing. Your sweet little boy is such an inspiration. We serve a mighty God.

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