Joel has said two more new words this week: “game” (repeating me when I said it once) and “diaper” (when he his dad showed him a diaper.) This means Joel has said three new words in one week. We have never seen this much verbal progress at once. It is pretty exciting. I don’t really expect him to start using these words on a regular basis. Every now and then, something clicks in Joel’s brain and he can repeat a word very clearly. Past favorite examples of this were when he said “quirrel” for “squirrel” and once in preschool where he shouted “apple” very clearly. He did not go on to say those words more, but it’s just fun realizing he can.
Also, in these moments he tends to say the soft consonants that he’s not really supposed to be able to hear very well. The other day at school he said help with the “p” sound at the end, and last night when he said diaper, it had an “r” sound at the end. Even babies learning to talk with no hearing loss usually miss those word ending consonants.
In other triumphant news, Ryan accessed Joel’s port at home for the first time today. (He accessed it at the hospital once under supervision.) It was fairly stressful, but it took maybe 20 minutes, and saved me at least two and a half hours, so I’m pretty thrilled with Ryan’s boldness in learning to do hard medical tasks. For about a year we had been asking if we could learn to access Joel at home, because it didn’t seem too hard, but that is something they are pretty careful about, so it was pretty amazing when they taught us.


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  1. Jim Rutherford on March 1, 2013 4:08 pm

    Just another step toward eloquence and power as he shares his testimony!

  2. Kasey on March 2, 2013 4:03 am

    Say your Soulpancake video on this sleepless morning. God bless you & thank you for the blessing your story is to me. I will purchase a copy of the book this week & would love if you could sign it, Joel too.
    Peace, love & grace for one more day.

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