Joel started taking a turn for the sicker this evening.  He spiked a fever of 39.5 c (103 f) at one point, face is all flushed, possible ear infection, waiting to hear on the chest x-ray to check for pneumonia.  He’s a pretty sick dude.
The nurses just gave him some tylenol and he’s getting his third type of IV antibiotic this evening, so they’ve got all those bases covered.
Joel has fallen back asleep and we’re awaiting transfer to our hospital room upstairs.
Please pray for quick recovery and that things won’t complicate.


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  1. Magdalini Vamvouka on February 12, 2014 12:19 am

    Hello Green Family,

    Hope things have turned the corner and you are recovering from all the bugs that attacked you lately. Precious Joel is in my thoughts and prayers every day. I pray for full recovery and restoration. I lighted a vigil candle for him at our Church last Sunday. I have prayed and asked from St. John Maximovitch the Wonderworker of the Orthodox Church to intervene to our Lord to provide healing. I submitted Joel’s name to be read at the moleben prayer to St. John Maximovitch the Wonderworker this Saturday at 5:30 pm at the Russian Cathedrial Church in San Francisco. After Joel exits the hospital, and you have the chance, I believe you all will enjoy to visit the beautiful Russian Cathedrial in San Francisco to pray, light a candle for Joel, and see the place where St. John lived, served as a Bishop and buried . There are testimonies from people who were helped and healed from various diseases and advanced cancer after had prayed to St. John and anointed with the holy oil from his vigil candle that lights in this church ( The address for this Church is Virgin Church, Joy of all who Sorrow, 6210 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94121, Phone (415) 221-3255.

    With God’s Love, Magdalini (Dearborn, MI)

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