I just realized it has been two weeks. I still don’t have much to say yet, so I’ll wait. Eventually, I’m sure, I will know what to say about everything that has happened. In the meantime, please know that we are amazed by the overwhelming love and support and financial assistance we have been given. Many, many thank-yous are still to come, but our gratefulness continues to build. We are all well. We are less broken than we expected to be most of the time. Posts will come, sporadically I’m sure, about the kids, and us, and what God speaks to comfort our hearts eventually.
For now, I wanted to post the slideshow we showed before the memorial service. It is about 20 minutes of photos and music. The post below this has the videos we showed during the service and the text of what Ryan and I shared.



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  1. Emily Chambers on March 27, 2014 5:38 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I havr been praying and praying for your family. You have showed so meany people to God and have helped so meany people with just your story. I dont think we could do anything close enough to what you have done to help others. I believe that your story brought a lot of people to god but also brought people back when they where far away from him. I know everyone will continue to pray and think about your family. Also I hope everything goes as plain as in Zoe coming in the world. I know a lot of people are excited to hear about Zoe. Stay stong as I know you will.
    Emily Chambers

  2. Diego on March 27, 2014 8:34 pm

    Just beautiful….his joy and your love as parents will always give me the energy to love and care my two little kids.

    I believe someday…you will all be united again. Until then 3 more beautiful kids and ZOE need your love.

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