Tue. 03:00pm – Mommy Update

September 18, 2017 | Comments | Uncategorized

Let's Be Friends.Since Joel died, four years ago. I haven’t posted much here. However, I haven’t quit writing. I’ve spent the past few years working, very gradually on a book about my grief and faith and my personal struggle to untangle the two. Feeling like that book is finished, I have begun the very slow process of looking for a publisher. So, I finally feel like I am free to start some new writing projects and to share some of the things I’ve been writing with deliberate focus and energy.
For now, my new projects and writing are going to be shared on a “public figure” Facebook page that I just created. It should give me the opportunity to share what I’m creating more regularly, and also to gradually build a following which will help me publish my grief book and anything else I decide to work on next.
If you are interested in hearing from me more regularly about life and faith, please like and follow my new Facebook page, (officially launching on October 1st.) http://facebook.com/AmyNoelGreen

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